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Can Am - the name stands for ultimate driving pleasure and maximum adrenaline output, backed by the safety that keeps the vehicle on the track. Because the Can Am Renegade model is one of the most powerful ATVs on the market, one hundred percent unrestricted functionality is essential. The ability to reliably track down original Renegade spare parts is essential, because only components from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) inventory of the manufacturer ensure perfect performance. We at Double R Parts are aware of this and therefore provide you with original replacement Can Am Renegade parts as well as OEM Renegade parts and accessories from all major quad brands worldwide.

Can Am Renegade

A masterpiece in terms of performance and design

Behind the Can Am Renegade parts brand lies the Canadian company Bombardier Recreational Products - or BRP for short - whose success, in turn, goes back to the unshakeable pioneering spirit of its founder, inventor Joseph-Armand Bombardier. Can Am Renegade parts and ATVs along with comparative contemporary vehicles have always risen to the forefront with the latest technology, high ride comfort, even on the roughest surfaces, as well as absolute driving pleasure.

The Renegade inspires ATV fans in particular with a V-twin engine, which delivers breath-taking performance and a great sound experience. Its handling is easy both on and off-road, and its aggressive design leaves other vehicles in the shade. Although these vehicles are very reliable, it is essential to track down a reliable source of Can Am Renegade parts to keep your beloved model in top condition.

Can Am Renegade

B2B - business relationships at eye level

The recipe for a mutually trustworthy and profitable cooperation is very simple: Take two business partners on equal terms, bring them together using the shortest route and add a successful deal to the whole experience. This special formula perfectly represents an irrefutable foundation for Double R Parts. To comply with this, our business concept is based solely on the principle B2B (Business-to-Business). To use our services and purchase original spare Can Am Renegade parts and accessories every prospective client must first work through a simple and fast registration process that identifies them as a quad dealer or workshop. This has the advantage that we are equal to you in all respects and can thus provide you with the best possible results, including top quality Renegade parts.

After registering with Double R Parts, a whole host of innovative search tools are waiting to be used by you. With their help, you can immediately get to the spare parts that you are looking for, which, of course, all come from the OEM inventory of the respective manufacturer, including Renegade parts. Up-to-the-minute online expandable drawings make the search even more convenient and are only surpassed by a simple checkout process along with fair and transparent payment processing.

Can Am Renegade parts

Reliable Relations in perfection

The "Double R" in our company name relates to the Double R Parts Business Principle. Not only do we talk about Reliable Relations, we actually live by them. Our motivated employees bring their own passion for quads into their work, in addition to maximum expertise. This builds trust as well as building a solid foundation for future collaboration. As further pillars of a successful business cooperation, we are sure to persuade you with our impressively fast delivery times, the possibility to bundle several orders together and thus only pay the shipping costs on one order and a personal and friendly advice.

Would you also like to take advantage of all these benefits and get your customers to come back to you the next time they need replacement Can Am Renegade parts? Of course, we also supply original Can Am Renegade parts as well as accessories for other well-known quads and ATVs. In that case, make sure that you choose Double R Parts as your business partner and register today through our dedicated webshop!

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