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Snow, mud, desert and mountains - no terrain is a challenge for Polaris offroad machines. Safe, manoeuvrable and robust, the powerhouses plough through the area, delivering a huge dose of fun and adrenaline.

If you're a quad trader or workshop, Double R Parts has replacement Polaris OEM parts for you that are indispensable for limitless driving pleasure with these high-performance quads, ATVs and side-by-side vehicles.

With the main focus on quality and reliable service, we are your competent partner in the procurement of Polaris ATV parts and accessories from all major motorcycle brands.


"Everything, but no paved roads."

As early as 1954, this was the motto of Polaris company founders Edgar Hetteen, Allan Hetteen and David Johnson. The three Americans started their career developing and producing rugged snowmobiles.

About 31 years later, they complemented their product range with the first All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Especially the Polaris Sportsman is one of the most popular machines in this category. It was followed by water sports models, side-by-side vehicles and special companions, such as the Polaris Slingshot - a mix of a motorcycle and roadster.

No matter which vehicle the American manufacturer developed - each one was and is characterised by absolute resilience, a high quality and a look away from the mainstream. Are your fans also fans of these power quads? Then confidently turn to Double R Parts for original Polaris ATV parts.

Polaris OEM parts

From Double R Parts - Your spare parts expert 

Lovers of neat off-road enjoyment value maximum safety and do not want to compromise on driving pleasure. So it is not surprising that one or the other element on the machine suffers from wear from time to time or breaks down due to above-average load.

At this point you - as an ATV & Quad dealer or workshop - come into play. A competent contact person is now essential. We at Double R Parts are ready for you in these cases.

We guarantee the 100% originality of the parts and support you with professional and personal advice and a simple order processing. From your side, only a short registration process is necessary to use our Polaris parts and accessories shop. This identifies you as a "business-to-business" partner and makes your exclusive login possible.

Polaris OEM parts finder

As an international wholesaler, we help you to quickly and reliably procure the Polaris parts or components you want from your customers for other Polaris models.

The choice is yours!

Search using exploded views or part numbers

For which search option you decide to buy parts, you decide alone. We ensure that all paths are simple and in any case lead to the goal.

With the help of current online exploded drawings, you gain a detailed insight into the respective overall element. Each component is listed with its own part number, so you can be sure you've found what you're looking for in your selection. If your customer makes a request for specific Polaris parts and has their part number at hand, you can use the Search Tool "Part Number Search".

If all items are in the shopping cart, the order can be completed. This too is fast and transparent. In the period from the initiation of the order to the delivery of the goods, our service does not stop.

We stand by your side with personal advice. In addition, you can track the status of your delivery at any time using our "RRapp". In this way, you keep your customers up to date and thus create a good basis for future orders.

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