Kawasaki genuine parts

One of the Double R Parts philosophies is that every professional workshop should be able to maintain and repair their customers motorcycle, atv and outboard by using only the best products.

Kawasaki genuine parts ensures a proven quality and perfect fit into your Kawasaki product. Therefore the only choice to meet the high demands the current consumer is asking from their mechanic. Peak performance by using Kawasaki original parts.

“Big 4”

Kawasaki is one of the big 4 motorcycle companies from Japan. Together these companies; Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki are responsible for more than 50% of worldwide sold motorcycles. From the lively 60s onwards, these 4 Japanese brands have dominated in both sales and motorsports.

Taking lead in innovation and design, products of the “big 4” can be found worldwide. Being as big and successful as they are comes with a price. Many so called third-party producers of spare parts are copying, or trying to copy, OEM parts as used on the production lines. By using genuine Honda, genuine Suzuki, genuine Yamaha and Kawasaki genuine parts you are assured to get the same quality as intended when build in the factory.

Engineered and perfected by trial and error, only parts which passed the strict Japanese quality standards can be labelled as genuine, original OEM spare parts.

Double R Parts

Kawasaki original parts

All Kawasaki original parts can be found in our web shop.

Working with clear exploded views to make it easy and fast to find the correct spare parts. From the smallest screws to full body parts, all Kawasaki original parts are available to order.

Once your ordered spare parts are received in our warehouse, you will have the choice to send out directly or wait for more (additional orders, also multi brand) to combine together.

If needed, and stock at European warehouse, your ordered Kawasaki original parts can be shipped on the next day to you. Orders send to us before 15:00 are processed within hours.

Kawasaki genuine parts

Web shop

Double R Parts is a distributer of OEM spare parts to professionals in the 2 / 4 wheel and as well marine branch. Working exclusively with shops and other traders,

Double R Parts will and cannot communicate with private persons, looking for a deal on their spare part or accessory.

Private persons can discuss their needs with their local dealer or bikeshop. To gain access to our web shop, businesses can registrate their company online.

Our support team will contact you to guide you to the registration after your initial registration form is received and examined. For example, genuine Kawasaki parts, will be available to order same day after your account is set-up

Double R Parts Support Team

Questions or remarks?

If you have any questions about the purchase of Kawasaki genuine parts, please do not hesitate tocontact our support crew.

Our team are passionate motorcyclist, ready to discuss your needs and assist you in the order process. A remark or an idea to help us improve our web shop or service? Feel free to point out and inform us.

Our support team can be reached via telephone on 0031 (0) 183 610180 or by email at support@doublerparts.com.

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