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The name Aprilia not only makes the hearts of adrenaline junkies beat faster, it immediately raises connotations with the world of racing sport. But there’s much more besides than this to enjoy from this world-leading brand. Lovers of scooters will find just as much to love from Aprilia models as those who make the manufacturer their go-to for off-road adventures and top-speed pursuits.

With Double R Parts, you can count on being able to offer your customers a reliable range of Aprilia parts for all kinds of requirements. We deliver Aprilia genuine parts for motorcycles and scooters, always ensuring the utmost in quality and bringing you the benefit of express delivery times and superior customer service.


From a bicycle factory to a permanent fixture of motor sports 

When the Second World War had finally subsided, an Italian named Alberto Beggio decided to make his fortune in the manufacturer of bicycles. This modest ambition would lay the foundation of the Aprilia Group, now an internationally recognised business.

Production quickly expanded from conventional bikes to motorised two-wheelers, with an equally smooth transition into the moped sector, motocross market, not to mention Enduro and trial bikes. Finally, motorcycles became a staple of the brand. The Aprilia motocross era truly began in 1975 when it entered the MotoGP competition, with a string of victories soon to follow. This quickly established Aprilia as a leading light of motorsport.

The Aprilia motocross era truly began in 1975 when it entered the MotoGP competition, with a string of victories soon to follow. This quickly established Aprilia as a leading light of motorsport. Among the best-known names associated with the manufacturer are Max Biaggi and Valentino Rossi. In 2004, Aprilia was taken over by the Italian Piaggio Group, a move which would bring the motorcycle brand even greater success in the years to follow.

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For unlimited riding enjoyment 

The Aprilia brand stands for sporty design and aesthetics, as well as the highest possible levels of safety and performance output. The demands of the average Aprilia customer are high and absolute in their uncompromising nature. No doubt as a workshop or garage, you’re looking for an Aprilia parts supplier who can deliver on procurement of parts for your customers.

It’s pivotal you have a strong partner at your side for this as it’s the only way to ensure you achieve full customer satisfaction targets and ensure a follow-up order. Double R Parts supports you in your search for original spare parts for Aprilia and all other major motorcycle brands. Register on our website today as either a dealer or workshop, then start scouring our site for the parts you need.

Once registered, you’ll have instant access all the features of our online shop and full product catalogue. In addition to Aprilia SR 50 parts, you’ll find Aprilia-RS 125 parts as well as technical and optical components for all types and every model with the help of our user-friendly search tools.

Browse our entire range and add Aprilia parts to your shopping cart, knowing you’re only ever a few clicks of the mouse away from completing your order.

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When searching for original Aprilia motorcycle parts online, there’s much more to consider besides the fixed elements of a motorcycle. A wide range of practical accessories provide even more riding comfort and useful benefits. We at Double R Parts are your go-to specialists for all types of Aprilia accessories. We support you personally with first-rate customer service, from your initial enquiry, right up until the delivery of your shipment. Service is more than just a standard to us. We don’t believe in ready-made responses and one-size-fits-all feedback. We’re full of motivation and passion for the sector, while taking great care to ensure all your needs are met and expectations exceeded.


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