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Ducati: This name stands for limitless and stellar driving pleasure, with optimal safety as the primary focus. It’s no wonder so many motorcycle enthusiasts choose this brand.

In order to always provide the best service to your customers, Double R Parts will provide you with the best and fastest way to acquire original replacement Ducati genuine parts.

Visit our extensive webshop and benefit from our simple and efficient ordering process. This can provide your customer with a secure feeling that will cultivate a stable base for your business partnership.

Search easily through our database for each motorcycle brand, type or part. Finding the correct Ducati OEM part has never been so easy before.


Italian temperament on two wheels 

Ducati — founded in 1926 by Antonio Ducati — probably didn’t know that one day his brand would become a top global player in the motorcycle market. Nowadays, Ducati is connected to world famous Moto GP and Superbike events and its industry stars. Ducati models are synonymous with sportiness, high-tech design and adrenaline.

Because of the power that Ducati motorcycles have, it's important that safety is of the highest priority. This is reason that Double R Parts, as an expert providing Ducati parts, will provide you only with high quality Ducati OEM parts from the manufacturer. It is therefore important to maintain your motorcycle in excellent condition, not only for safety, but to keep enjoying a perfect ride. And because we don’t compromise on quality, only Ducati OEM parts can be found in our database. No cheap aftermarket parts where safety and enjoyment influences what the Ducati brand stands for.

Ducati MHR 900 Mike Hailwood Replica from 1984
Ducati parts catalog online

Many paths lead to the appropriate Ducati parts

We take this motto as our word. At Double R Parts you will find the original Ducati motorbike parts that you are looking via a variety of search options.

All search tools require you as a motorcycle dealer or workshop to complete a brief, easy, and quick registration process.

Our online Ducati spare parts shop provides you with the opportunity to find the desired components by using the part number or with the help of detailed drawings. Clearly arranged, a list of all available modules including part numbers and descriptions can be found under the respective drawings.

From here you can conveniently place the required Ducati parts into the shopping cart and initiate the ordering process. 

When in doubt of what part you actually are searching for, of if the compatibility matches the motorcycle, do not hesitate to contact us for any additional assistance. Even when you are searching for a Ducati OEM part that you can not find in our shop, there is a high chance that we can get our hands on it either way. So fill in the registration form online and let's start a partnership together.

The best Ducati OEM parts

To either repair or resell Ducati OEM parts, there is no substitute for the genuine Ducati parts when it comes to quality and performance. On both upgrading or substituting the current parts, Ducati offers multiple spare parts and accessories that are manufactured at the same excellent standards as the original Ducati motorcycle. Why compromise on anything inferior, when you can have the same quality part. Not only is this the best option for your motorcycle and ride quality, but also for safety. As for most of us two wheeler enthusiasts, our motorcycle is like family. That is why the only option is Ducati OEM parts.

Our collection of Ducati OEM parts is very extensive, and if a part is missing in our collection, we can most likely get our hands on it either way. All Ducati spare parts are available at Double R trading, such as:

  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Drivetrain
  • Oil filter
  • Windshield
  • Electronics
  • Merchandise and accessories

Whether you need original Ducati parts and motorcycle spares, or require products for the likes of Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and BMW, here at Double R Parts you are guaranteed to find exactly what you’re looking for. As a registered dealer, you will also benefit from the very best in professional service. This ranges from the latest detailed diagrams of products available from our range to superior customer advice and support.

Double R Parts

Complete service, from Ducati motorcycle parts inquiry to their delivery 

If your customer on short notice requires that a Ducati part be delivered promptly, making your client top priority is where we come into play. Whether time-critical, extraordinary, or very simple, Double R Parts is your partner for providing original Ducati motorcycle parts and also most all other major motorcycle brands. The passion that Double R Parts staff has for two-wheelers is reflected in our customer service.

This makes working with you a successful business experience for everyone. We will support you in a friendly and professional manner — answering all relevant questions, and helping you with our easy-to-use search engine. The ordering process at Double R Parts is clearly arranged and without distractions.

After completing the order, the Double R parts app gives you control over your order’s status and progress for your Ducati parts online. You agree to the delivery date and then rely on timely shipment by well-known delivery service providers.


Ducati main models

Like most Italian brands, Ducati stands for passion and an excellent driving experience. The Ducati motorcycles are well known for their ferocious Italian power. For each of the Ducati motorcycles we can supply the correct fitting Ducati OEM parts. We can guarantee the excellent quality for the corresponding spare part that fits seamless on the Ducati motorcycle. We can therefore match the quality and safety of the parts.

Ducati has different types of motorcycles, each type is made for a different type of usage. All bikes have their corresponding parts. For example the High end performance superbikes and sportbikes like the Superleggera and the Panigale, scream power and performance, including the naked bike variant, the Streetfighter. It is therefore very important that the motorcycle is in top shape for excellent performance and to maintain the highest levels of safety. On the open road a lot can happen, you don’t want your motorcycle to break down, let alone while riding at high speed. Deterioration on parts from daily usage is something you want to swap out while you can. And to guarantee the same level of quality as the factory parts, only Ducati OEM parts do the job.

The beautiful italian motor brand even has an answer to the American cruiser with the Diavel and xDiavel. The more comfortable motorcycle is made for longer trips, but can also be enjoyed on a daily basis. Being relaxed and comfortable is a feeling that you want to have at all times with the typical American cruiser. And like most of these types of motorcycles, Ducati gives you the option to customize your motorcycle with different seats, handlebars, footpegs and more. It can be a difficult task to find the correct and original spare parts for these motorcycles. At Double R we can easily help you with this task.

The touring motorcycle type from Ducati is the well known Multistrada. Perfect for long trips and being at comfort even at highway speeds. With the features from a windscreen to reduce drag and a comfortable seat, long stimts are a breeze. Add extra attachments like suitcases to make the journey more enjoyable, even a bit safer. For either original spare parts or added attachments to improve the Multistrada, take a look at our webshop to easily shop for the perfect fitting part. Without losing any performance or quality the Italian builder had in mind.

One of the most well known naked bikes is Italian, it’s obviously the Ducati Monster. Well known for the steel frame and rough and urban appearance. Also one for the daily user and the more casual driver. Because of these constant trips, or the opposite, not riding in the winter period. Performing maintenance becomes crucial. And when something needs to be replaced, guarantee the same performance and quality by using exclusively Ducati OEM motorcycle parts.

The Ducati Supersport is a sporty touring motorcycle that maintains the flamboyant Ducati look, but has ergonomic parts so you can be able to ride on long trips, even on this sportbike. For the same reasons as the Multristrada or the Diavel, breaking down on long trips is something you don’t want to happen, especially far from home. Using only original spare parts from Ducati is a way to reduce this chance. And when there is something broken or worn out, using these original parts makes sure the new parts fitted are of the same factory quality.

To end with the Ducati classic bike, the Scrambler, where the classic look and feel meets the modern technology. The simple looking motorcycle actually has quite a lot of technology infused. To perform maintenance on this great looking motorcycle, you can only use original Ducati spare parts. Not only to maintain the classic Italian look, but also to ensure safety and performance.

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