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Mattighofen, Austria, 1934 - The starting shot is fired for the impressive rise of motorcycle brand KTM

This popular manufacturer has enjoyed a successful history in an often uncertain industry, firing straight ahead consistently. It’s done particularly well in the super bike and motocross sectors, with the company having won countless accolades for its efforts. Currently, KTM’s multifaceted portfolio includes off-road bikes and models for road racing, as well as sporting tourers, travel Enduro bikes, and much more besides.

With such a diverse selection to choose from, it’s obvious that the sum of KTM parts is impressively large. Navigating the sheer range of available components can be a daunting task, however Double R Parts are on hand to help you find what you’re after with ease. With passion and enthusiasm we will help you with selecting the best KTM OEM motorcycle parts. A motorcycle brand with such a vast history can only be maintained by using genuine spare parts to guarantee it’s identity and performance.

We provide you with an overview of all KTM parts and assist you in an easy procurement process. The lowest possible effort on your part translates to entirely satisfied customers your end. Register online to become a professional partner of Double R Parts. By filling in the registration form you can become our partner, ordering KTM OEM motorcycle parts was never this easy.

KTM – A leading player in the world of off-road terrain

KTM Powerparts 

After you’ve successfully registered as a dealer or garage, the gates are open for you to access our impressive range of KTM parts in our online shop. With the help of detailed technical drawings and diagrams, not to mention user-friendly search tools, you’ll find all the KTM genuine parts on your wishlist, ensuring you can give your customers exactly what they’re after.

You don’t have to invest countless hours trawling through complicated searches thanks to our innovative search functions either. Simply enter the individual part number and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for in just a few quick clicks. Don’t have the number to hand? No problem. Detailed drawings are available online at Double R Parts.

The rest of the ordering process is incredibly simple. After that, you’re all set. Simply sit back, wait for your parts to arrive. You can also check the status of your order any time with our bespoke app. Start searching now in our KTM parts online shop for the items you need.

KTM parts catalog

Ordering KTM spare parts online has never been easier

In the case that you can not find the part online in our shop or with the use of our technical drawings, fear not! Not only can you request our help to search through our huge catalog of KTM OEM motorcycle parts. But also when a part is not listed, we can get our hands on it, for the most cases that is! Types of KTM OEM motorcycle parts include the following types of parts:

  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Drivetrain
  • Fuel filter
  • Windshield
  • Electronics
  • Safety and accessories

In the case that you are not only looking for KTM original spare parts, but you are also in the market for products from motorcycle brands like BMW, Triumph, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, MV Augusta and many more. Don’t look any longer! For all of these brands and many more you can find spare parts on our webshop. As a registered dealer, you also benefit from our excellent professional service. As passionate motorcyclists, we enjoy talking and helping about motorcycles. Keep on reading to learn more about KTM, its original spare parts and Double R Trading!

Shop for KTM parts online and enjoy a better B2B cooperation 

What makes a successful business relationship? Are you looking for uncomplicated processes and easy enquiries? Searching for technical competence and expert insights?

You’ll find all that and more when you choose Double R Parts as your KTM parts supplier The ‘Double R’ in our name stands for ‘Reliable Relation’ and this is a philosophy we’ve also upheld with the utmost passion.

With us, you won’t be relegated to anonymous answers and call centre communications. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy first-hand guidance from a team of passionate professionals who deeply understand the motorcycle sector and manufacturers like KTM and more.

If you’re a specialist dealer of a certain manufacturer, the value we can bring to your operation is significant. Shop for original KTM parts and genuine components for all other major motorcycle manufacturers online today.

KTM main models

The populair Austrian brand is probably most famous for their motocross roots and is no doubt part of the motocross history. It is therefore not strange that the most popular KTM models are the SX and SX-F. These iconic 2 stroke and 4 stroke MX motorcycles almost define the Motocross on their own. Riding in the dirt on its own, and racing and/or jumping with these motorcycles can demand a lot of the motorcycle. Maintaining the bikes in top shape is important, and without compromising performance and safety, the only way to go is by using KTM OEM motorcycle parts. Not only are these spare parts the best option to guarantee it’s identity, but also to ensure the motorcycle remains the same as the designer intended to.

Similar to the commoner’s eye, but not to us enthusiasts, the enduro range might seem the same as the EXC and the EXC-F. The 2 stroke EXC is leading in its class and is a real powerful enduro motorcycle. By constantly working together with the KTM’s driver, these bikes have been in constant development with cutting edge technology. No matter the weather conditions or surface, with these motorcycles it is all the same. But with all these different surfaces and maneuvering over them, your precious motorcycle can take quite the beating. Only by using the best spare parts, can you guarantee its performance, and almost as important, the safety of the rider. This goes for the 2 stroke EXC and the 4 stroke EXC-F model. Only original KTM spare parts are good enough for your KTM motorcycle.

For the riders that enjoy a great tour with their motorcycle, whether it’s off road or on the tarmac. The adventure series from KTM is the way to go. Maintaining the great offroad and motocross identity that KTM has, these motorcycles are made for the longer driving distances. A bit more driving comfort is guaranteed with these models, including a windshield. Either way you can conquer all terrains with the great KTM heritage adventure series. Even without the extreme conditions the MX and Enduro ranges have, the adventure series might take a similar beating in these offroad conditions. And what's worse than breaking down? Breaking down in the middle of nowhere. KTM OEM motorcycle parts guarantee the same build quality as the parts that were fitted in the factory.

KTM lovers that enjoy riding on the tarmac, fear not. Without losing the characteristic KTM look and feel, the naked bikes from KTM, in particular the Duke and Super Duke are guaranteed to deliver performance and great looks. Performance and high speed ensured, makes it just as important to perform maintenance on these bikes, even without all offroading and jumping. With all dangers the open road might have, safety is key for motorcycles like these. Or even because of daily usage, deterioration can be common, for example for the brakes. To keep riding safely, only KTM spare parts are the perfect fit.

Like all greats in the motorcycle industry, KTM also has a supersport motorcycle. The KTM RC is probably the least KTM-like motorcycle, but with its characteristic colourway, you can’t mistake it for any other brand. These performance road bikes ,with partial engine covers, are race inspired road bikes. Like the naked bikes, perfect motorcycles for daily usage, going to work or simply to enjoy your weekend on the open road. Wear and tear can be a factor for certain parts. Performing constant maintenance is important to be as safely as possible on the road. To use the best quality spare parts, look at our online shop for KTM OEM motorcycle parts.

Safety attachments and accessories for KTM motorcycles

Because KTM motorcycles might end up more in off road situations then any other motorcycle brand. Making sure your motorcycle is safe for the journey is crucial. Constant maintenance to guarantee the best performance and minimize the chance to break down in the middle of nowhere is more crucial in these situations. Adding extra safety features and accessories when going off roading, like handguards and proper gear.

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